Why Update Your Reserve Study?

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The condition of the property elements on which the reserve study is based change. The association’s financial situation and reserve fund balance change. Board members and property managers change. The condition of the property elements are always changing whether anyone likes it or not. Read our white paper below authored by Matt Hass on why […]

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What you need to know about hail damage.

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In this whitepaper on hail damage, our Senior Architect, Aaron Parks, discusses the steps an association can take to bounce back following a hail storm. It is imperative that proper repair specifications are drafted and the contractor does not rely on the insurance adjusters recommendations alone. See the attached paper below. Hail Storm Roof Damage_DRAFT

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Pavement Project Before & After

Feb 23, 2017 1 Comment

Park Avenue Condominium Association Location : Lombard, Illinois Property Type: Condominium Association Building Type: 7-story Masonry Building Size Project: One Parking Deck WEC Services: Initial parking deck evaluation Specification/Drawings for Repairs Bidding and Bid Review Recommendations Construction Administration and Monitoring Problem: Water was leaking from the existing elevated parking deck into the existing lower level […]

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