Whether you are: 1) a developer turning over properties to a homeowners association or conducting a condominium conversion; 2) a homebuyer purchasing a unit within a condominium building; or 3) a newly elected board member within a recently developed community association, you can benefit from an Engineering Transition Study.


What exactly is an Engineering Transition Study?


The study prepared by Waldman Engineering Consultants, Inc. will include an evaluation of the current condition of the property and identify physical defects.  In addition, we will indicate any inadequate or out-of-the-ordinary features of the subject property and its structural components (i.e., poor workmanship, material, and/or design defects or deviations from standard industry construction practices or approved drawings).  This information will be obtained by conducting a detailed, yet non-intrusive, visual inspection of the property.

What can I do with the study once it has been completed?


An Engineering Transition Study has various functionalities.  For instance, it can be used in conjunction with a Reserve Study to outline necessary repairs over a defined period of time. By utilizing the transition study in this fashion, an association can effectively eliminate the need to initiate a special assessment or obtain a commercial loan.  In addition, it can also be used as an aid in working with an association’s developer. Having a qualified engineer prepare a transition study that outlines the various construction defects will allow the repairs to be made properly by the developer. Lastly, a transition study can also serve as a litigation tool should the developer be unwilling to repair the defects as indicated by the transition study.

What does the report contain?


The ETS report consists of an introduction outlining the inspection process, as well as a list of observed deficiencies that require immediate attention.  The remainder of the report is broken into various category elements that detail the observations made along with photographs to support the observations and recommendations.