Mold and mildew are the results of chronic moisture problems.  WEC investigates moisture penetration related to siding, roofing, and foundations.  Moisture- related issues with EIFS cladding and windows are also in our area of expertise.  WEC engineers are skilled at finding moisture entry locations and prescribing methods to minimize water intrusion.

Moisture Investigation


Visual as well as invasive investigations to determine the cause of, damage caused by, and recommended repairs for moisture penetration issues.


Stages of Investigation


  1. Initial evaluation is performed to determine possible causes of water penetration.
    1. Observe visual damage.
    2. Observe any signs of active leakage
  2. If necessary,  a water test and/or invasive investigation is performed from the outside to determine exact locations of  water penetration
  3. Prepare design repair specifications after cause has been determined.