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EIFS Cladding & Capital Reserve Studies

By September 5, 2015No Comments

Several townhome and condominium associations in the Chicagoland area are in need of significant funding to complete EIFS repairs. Apparently the associations did not know how costly it is to maintain and repair EIFS and when the time came to finally per- form the repairs they were caught short and did not have nearly enough money set aside. The unfortunate thing about these associations is that they were following the recommen- dations of their professionally pre- pared reserve studies.

That said, how is an association supposed to set enough money aside to pay for repairs of this magnitude if the document they are trusting to lead them does not incorporate the necessary information for the association to make informed decisions?

A reserve study prepared by a qualified professional that is trained in inspecting EIFS should give the association the information they need to make informative decisions by providing appropriate repair and maintenance costs as well as answer- ing the following the questions:

• What is EIFS?
• How is EIFS supposed to be installed?
• What is involved in repairing and maintaining EIFS?

A qualified reserve study profession- al should understand how critical the construction and maintenance is to an EIFS system. Moreover, how expensive it can be to repair an EIFS system and underlying building components when damage occurs.

Click on the link below to download the publication.

EIFS Cladding & Capital Reserve Studies