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Letter of Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Business Partners,

Perhaps it’s the recent switch to Daylight Saving Time or just my advancing age, but time seems to be accelerating for me. I find it almost unbelievable that in a few weeks, we will be closing out another year of business. Whatever my issues are with the “relativity of space and time,” to use an idiom coined by one of the last centuries greatest thinkers, I do not want this season of Thanksgiving to pass without expressing my sincere gratitude to all of you for helping Waldman Engineering Consultants (WEC) to prosper and endure these past few years.

Whereas most days I operate with a mindset that I have an infinite number of days left to “get it right,” these past few years have taught me something completely different. In August of 2022, WEC celebrated 15 years of providing consultations as professional engineers and architects on everything from foundation settlement to leaking roofs and walls; and from pre-purchase building condition assessments to long range financial planning. But we recognize that none of this—not one thing—was possible without the help from others.  We are deeply indebted to our business partners in the fields of property management and our colleagues in the legal, accounting, and other professional practice communities for trusting us to help solve problems for their clients. We also owe a large debt of gratitude to our professional partners in the construction and contracting community whose mechanics and craftsmen implemented our designs for building repairs and who consulted with us to provide cost-effective alternatives to help our clients maintain and repair their assets.  To all of you, for your enduing support and trust and for allowing us to continue to be of service, I say, simply from the heart, thank you.

I’d be remiss, if I didn’t also recognize the contributions of my staff and show gratitude and thankfulness to the WEC employees. Without them, truly nothing would happen. These staff have also, stood by and persevered in a time of significant upheaval and turmoil. They worked with me climbing on roofs and in attics and crawlspaces; staff who worked preparing documents, reports, drawings, and details; crunching numbers and performing analyses; and then re-doing them all when conditions or our client’s needs changed. All of it to keep our clients, their owners, and the public safe in their homes, offices, and places of business.

To show our gratitude and thankfulness for your enduring trust and support, WEC will be giving back and paying it forward. We intend to do this by continuing our work with non-profits in our local communities such as Hesed House in Aurora who has long been a benefactor of WEC’s. We will continue to provide and offer free educational programs on topics related to best practices and the maintenance of building systems and components. Lastly to those of you holding an open WEC proposal for architectural or engineering services, as part of our 15th Anniversary Celebration, we will be reaching out to extend promotional incentives for work contracted before the end of FY-2022.

I hope in this season of Thanksgiving you and your families and friends stay healthy and safe. And that each of you will find the space and time to reflect with gratitude for all that was in 2022.



Mark Waldman and the WEC staff


15th Anniversary Final on Letterhead