Pavement Project Before & After

Feb 23, 2017

Park Avenue Condominium Association

Location : Lombard, Illinois

Property Type: Condominium Association

Building Type: 7-story Masonry Building

Size Project: One Parking Deck

WEC Services:

  • Initial parking deck evaluation
  • Specification/Drawings for Repairs
  • Bidding and Bid Review Recommendations
  • Construction Administration and Monitoring


Water was leaking from the existing elevated parking deck into the existing lower level parking garage. The initial evaluation indicated that the water leakage was primarily coming from the planters and an expansion joint on the parking deck.


The repair plan included installing a waterproof membrane with new drains inside the planters, installing a waterproofing membrane on the parking deck surface, replacement of the expansion joint, concrete crack and spall repairs to the top and bottom of the parking deck, removal of several planters, installing new sealant, and post tension cable repairs.

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One thought on “Pavement Project Before & After”

  1. I was talking to a friend about concrete and pavement the other day, and he mentioned post tension. I hadn’t ever heard of post tension, so I wanted to look into it a little bit more! I’m glad that you talked about post tension being something that can be repaired in your article, which I hadn’t realized before, because I thought you couldn’t work on it after the project was completed! Thanks for the info!

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